Sponsorship Avenues

The Mayfair Convention Centre is the best place in the eastern part of India, for exhibiting your products with demo instruments, discuss with prospective buyers, dissimate the knowledge about your products and educate the young and senior scholars, alike.

The Central Hall @ Mayfair Convention Centre (shown below) would used for the Stalls, and Buffet Lunch, Dinners, and Tea/Coffee. This is equipped with contemporary decor with modern lighting arrangement, well decorated walls interspersed with modern paintings, carvings and artefacts.

Specifications: Area in Sq Ft : 5000; Ceiling Height : 11 ft; No. of Stall: 30(9 Sq Ft each)

Priority: First Cum First (priority given to Platinum Sponsor first)

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Tariff Categories - EMSI 2018

Category Amount Benefits
Banner/Location Souvenir Stall Delegate Technical Presentation
Plenary Invited
Platinum 8,50,000
A, B Full page colour 2 8 1 2
A, BFull page colour 15-2
A, BFull page B&W 13-1
A, BFull page B&W 02-1
A, BFull page B&W 01-1
A- 11--
2 each day
A, E, G- -2--
2 each day
A, D, F- -2--
Cultural Program2,00,000
A, C, H- -2--
Conference Proceedings3,00,000
A, B, I- ---1
Financial Assistance to Students and Faculty2,00,000
J- 12-1
Conference Bag Sponsor3,00,000
K- ----
ACombined display for all sponsors– Main auditorium & near registration desk
BDisplay - All technical presentation halls
CDisplay - Venue
DDisplay - Lunch Venue
EDisplay - Dinner Venue
FLogo and Name – Lunch invitation card
GLogo and Name – Dinner invitation card
HLogo and Name – Cultural programme invitation card
IName & Logo printed in the inside the cover page & backside cover pages; A new regular Journal would be launched with the proceedings
JThe announcement would be made in brochure, display and individuals who gets selected for this assistance. Selection would be by open competition and a final decision would taken by a committee constituted by EMSI.
KName & Logo printed in the inside flip of the bag & leaflets can be inserted

Advertisement Categories - EMSI 2018

Souvenir Colour/ B&W Amount (in ₹)
Back outside coverColour50,000 (US$800)
Back inside coverColour40,000 (US$650)
Front inside coverColour40,000 (US$650)
Full page (inside)Colour25,000 (US$400)
B&W20,000 (US$300)
Half page (inside)B&W10,000 (US$150)


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Chairman, EMSI - 2018
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